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Physical therapy office smithtown ny

Physical Therapy Office Smithtown NY

Family Owned & Operated

Welcome to Illari Physical Therapy PC - Smithtown NY Office

Our physical therapy office located in Smithtown NY is open 5 days a week and is handicap accessible. Illari Physical Therapy, PC works side by side with your doctors to create an individualized treatment plan specific to your therapeutic needs. With years of education and clinical experience, we are here to help promote healing, restore strength, regain function and maintain your overall health.

All of our physical therapist at the Smithtown NY office have extensive hands on, clinical experience, trained to treat a variety of conditions and are NY Board certified and licensed. Physical therapy and physiotherapy is known for helping speed up recovery time, strengthen muscles, regain range of motion and improve a patients overall health. Illari Physical Therapy, PC offers a range of comprehensive treatments to Smithtown NY and its surrounding areas.

physical therapy office smithtown ny

What can you expect with IPT's physical therapy office in Smithtown NY?

IPT offers top customer care and  makes every patient feel like part of family! Working side by side you with your doctors, we will develop the right treatment plan based on your specific needs!

physical therapy office smithtown ny

What can physical therapy & physiotherapy do for you?

With the right physical therapy and physiotherapy treatments, patients in Smithtown NY can start healing, regain function / strength and maintain their overall health!

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Physical Therapy & Treatments available at IPT's Smithtown NY Office include:

(but are not limited to)

  • Hip, Knee, Ankle & Foot Therapy

  • Pre / Post Surgical

  • Work Related Injuries (Workman’s Compensation)

  • Post Automobile Accidents (No-Fault)

  • Medicare & Handicap Accessibility

  • General Physical Therapy

  • Neck / Back Conditions

  • Sports Conditioning (including return to play protocols)

  • Neurological & Nerve Conditions

  • Shoulder, Elbow, Hand, Finger Therapy

Illari Physical Therapy, PC accepts most major medical insurance, No Fault, Workmen’s Compensation and Medicare! Give us a call to see if we take your insurance!
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Illari Physical Therapy Accepts

Physical Therapy Office Smithown NY
physical therapy office smithtown ny

Smithtown Office Info & Hours

Handicap accessible - Youth, Adult & Senior Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy Office Smithtown NY

Illari Physical Therapy PC

269 East Main St., Building, F, Smithtown, NY 11787

Phone: (631)-382-7793

Fax: (631)-382-7786




Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 8am to 2pm

Tuesday & Thursday - 8am to 8pm

Sunday/Saturday - Closed

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Request Appointment

Would you like to schedule a Physical Therapy appointment in our Smithtown Office? Please give us a call at (631) 382-7793 or use this form to request an appointment! (Request date must be at least 24 hours from today's date)

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physical therapy smithtown ny

Take A Tour

Feel free to come down and take a tour of our Smithtown Office. Schedule a tour and see why many other patients choose Illari Physical Therapy! 


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Physical Therapy Smithtown NY

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